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Biographica is built on a foundation of machine learning, graph theory and genomics expertise.

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Cecily Price


Co-founder & CEO

Cecy has a degree in Biological Sciences from Oxford University and an MSc in ML from Imperial College London, specialising in graph-based biological modelling. At Biographica, Cecy leads strategy and business development, leveraging prior experience in drug manufacturing and supply chain at GSK as well as market access strategy consulting for gene-editing technologies.

Dominic Hall, PhD


Co-founder & CTO

Dom holds Masters degrees in Maths and Stem Cell Biology, as well as a PhD in Computational Genomics, from Cambridge. In his PhD, and later as an ML researcher at Relation Therapeutics, Dom applied graph ML to target discovery. He leads platform development at Biographica, drawing inspiration from drug discovery to design efficient target discovery methods for crop gene-editing.

Guy Aglionby, PhD


Natural Language Processing Engineer

Guy holds a PhD in Natural Language Processing from Cambridge University, focussed on interpretable reasoning using knowledge graphs. With multiple publications on knowledge graph design and graph ML for Natural Language Processing, Guy brings interdisciplinary expertise to his role at Biographica, integrating literature into our knowledge graphs to enhance target discovery.

Paride Antinucci, PhD


Graph Machine Learning Engineer

Paride completed a PhD at King’s College London, and Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at University College London, in molecular biology and computational neuroscience. He subsequently worked as a Senior Scientist at BenevolentAI, designing ML models for target identification. At Biographica, Paride designs graph-based methods for target discovery and protein analytics.

Dennis Schwartz


Data Engineer

Dennis has an MSc in bioinformatics from TU Munich and 7+ years experience as a data engineer in biotech startups. At BenevolentAI, Dennis led a team integrating large bioinformatics datasets to support drug target discovery and portfolio suitability prediction. At Biographica, he draws on this experience to develop robust and scalable data infrastructure for our platform.

Felix Homma, PhD


Principal Bioinformatician

Felix completed a PhD at Oxford in Interdisciplinary Bioscience and his Bachelors at the Technical University of Munich in Molecular Biotechnology. Before joining Biographica, he has experience working as a Research Scientist, Bioinformatician and Computational Biologist, developing automated and high-throughput protein complex prediction workflows.

Victoria Au Yeung, PhD


Computational Biologist

Vicky completed her PhD at Cambridge in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease and her Masters at Imperial in Biomedical Research. Before joining Biographica, she spent three years as a Post-Doc Research Fellow, integrating multi-omics datasets and machine learning methods to study molecular mechanisms of drug toxicity for early drug discovery.


Prof. Nigel Halford, FRSB

Nigel is a Professor of Sustainable Soils & Crops at the Rothamsted Research Institute with over 130 publications across crop genetics. He is a plant sciences advisor for Biographica, with a focus on crop genetics and metabolic regulation.

Prof. Pietro Lio

Pietro is a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Cambridge University and world leader in graph neural networks for biological modelling, with over 830 publications. He advises Biographica on graph-based approaches for target discovery.

Amir Feizi, PhD

Amir is Director of Bioinformatics at OMass Therapeutics, and an expert in computational biology and graph-based target discovery. For Biographica, he provides advice on data engineering and bioinformatics, focussing on knowledge graph infrastructure and analytics.

Nir Arbel, PhD

Nir is currently Chief Product Officer at Evogene as well as an experienced founder and CEO across multiple life science verticals. Nir provides multidisciplinary advice to Biographica, spanning go-to-market strategy, business development and technical strategy.

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